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Get to know all about us by reading our 8 P's

A handmade ceramic tile, crafted by the best workers in Maroc. Designed with respect for it's origins from the Islamic art, nowadays this product is also well-loved in Western European interiors.  


Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. We have a transparent price-policy with no surprises afterwards. All indicated prices include VAT. You want the goods to be delivered or prefer a pick-up? Select your options...


Nearby Fez, our traditional factory will handcraft every tile with due respect. The unique composition of the sun- dried kaolinite clay, with the traditional colours gives an amazing result. A handcut and oven-baked masterpiece. 


"The one sure way to fail is to be boring. The chance to success is to be remarkable." By creating this high-end, remarkable product we constantly generate an interest from the moment our products are shown or placed. Take a look at our gallery to get amazed.


By using Word of Mouth, Event and Online marketing we attract consumers to our products.  We'll be attending European fairs, promoting online, ... With as a main goal: customer satisfaction is the best business strategy. 


 Haven't found what you're looking for in our product range? Another colour or shape in mind? Specify us what's on your mind...  Contact us and we'll try to find a solution for your specific demand.


We're not the only ones selling mosaic tiles called zelliges, we're aware of that. However we do believe that we sell something unique. A high-quality product, great packaging and correct price offered with a complete transport solution.  Let's differentiate!


We aim for Western Europe as our primary market. Since we're having stocks in France and Belgium, it is possible to send your package to 38 countries. It's a small world.

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